Maniyah & Rose

About Us...

Lyn, Maniyah & Danica
Maniyah and Rose is a small family owned business made up of a mother and daughter team, Danica and Lyn from Perth, Western Australia.

Our family have been in business since 1993 and have been looking to expand the business online.

The inspiration for our online store, came from the arrival of Danica’s beautiful daughter, Maniyah, who was born in October 2019 and is very special to us all, as she was an IVF baby.

Rose has been a family name for six generations, either as a first or middle name so we just had to include it.

Danica has been teaching in Early Childhood for twelve years and Lyn works in the administration area of a school. We both love our jobs, as we get to see children develop in many ways through play, different learning experiences and interactions.

We love to shop for unique, practical, and high-quality baby products for Maniyah and this led us to open our online family business.

Thank you for reading about us,
Danica and Lyn
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